Friday, January 14, 2011

Something has gotta give

I've been away for much to long. Havn't I?  But I need to improve a bit on the blog. I don't think I will necessarily be able to have daily posts, but regular posts will return.

Yes, time is most definitely short these days, but cooking and baking are clearly big passions of mine. I think if you ask my co-workers they will agree!

Even though I've been sporadic in my blogging lately, I've been taking pictures, experimenting, and taking time for myself.

See... I went to visit Hoorig at Stanford and we took a day trip to San Francisco. I'm ready to go back again! I believe that is Alcatraz in the background.

There were some particularly bright breakfasts along the way. I have to admit I do admit the strawberries. Oatmeal isn't as appetizing as it used to be. Actually, its more likely that nothing is appetizing when I wake up at 5:30. How early do you eat breakfast?
Green vegetables.... actually as I put this post together I'm realizing I need to go back here. Fruits and vegetables disappeared over the holidays -- not completely, but enough. With a wedding coming up I can't keep making excuses. Speaking of the wedding -- we are going to our menu tasting this weekend. Hopefully they will let me make a blog post about it :)

Hoorig's mom's "Sawrma" -- also known as vegetarian stuffed grape leaves. They are simply amazing, melt in your mouth, you've never had anything like this before delicious.

I'm off to sleep. Wills and Trust tomorrow morning -- besides being completely practical, its actually interesting. ( A good motivator for waking up early, eh?)