Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just some backyard grilling...

Almost everything is better homemade, right? 

Its a warm summer day but there is just enough of a gentle breeze to take the outdoors from bearable to pleasant. My sister's boyfriend was kind enough to spending the entire day at our place, keeping us company while our parents had to spend the day at the doctors.... and he's one of those guys who has a healthy appetite.

First, my sister suggested ordering pizza, but I wouldn't have it. We had all the ingredients at home to make a decent meal. All I had to do was say  " homemade hamburgers?" and the kids forgot all about the pizza. 

I prepped the ground meat with onion powder ( I prefer fresh grated onions, but sis vetoed it and I wasn't in the mood to argue), salt, pepper, teriyaki, and a dollop of ketchup.  In the meantime, I got a pan of onions caramelizing with a bit of turbinado sugar and olive oil.

Served on a grilled whole wheat bun with homemade thousand island dressing, caramelized onion, mixed greens and cheddar cheese --accompanied by homemade oven baked fries. 

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