Monday, October 31, 2022

Reconnecting with Recipes: Creme Anglaise Pastry Creme 

Let's get back into story telling shall we? 

Life has been quite a rollercoaster ride since I last posted here: 

  • My mom passed away
  • There was a proposal
  • A wedding was called off 3 weeks prior to the date because someone had the audacity to give ma n ultimatum ( in retrospect, I'm glad he did). 
  • I went on a journey of independence and self discovery again - developing my legal career, enjoying my love of makeup, gardening, and raising a puppy all while living on my own.
  • Met my current husband when I was least expecting it.
  • Got married and moved to Texas
  • Went from a one dog family to a five dog family
  • Started a clothing line
  • Started a craft business ( wood working and clay)

Through it all, I realized every time someone asked my what a dream future looked like, my answer was  the same, year after year. 

    I seem myself on acres of land, maybe a 100 acres. I see my dream kitchen. I see a gazebo in the middle of nature with an amazing view for meditation and morning coffee. I see a huge farm and garden, complete with horses, cows, goats, chickens etc. I see a greenhouse. Finally, I saw an adorable restaurant on the corner of my property where I open my own vegetarian farm to table restaurant. No recipes. Just love and good home cooking from the heart. 

So, once I made the realization that this dream has been my constant throughout all the ups and downs, I came back to food.  I'm back to the blog, I'm posting on YouTube and I'm pursuing this dream. 

I hope you join me as I document this new journey.

Now, to the video of the day, Creme Anglaise. 

As a child, I have so many memories of food. Specific items remind me of my mom and grandma. Lately, I find myself wanting to recreate these recipes as a way to reconnect with them, because I do miss them so much. 

They are missing out on so much of my life and I am missing out on their presence. 

One of the recipes mom used to make was a " Napoleon" made with a creme anglaise pastry cream. 

Now, this is not her recipe, because I don't remember her recipe. But this rendition of it came out insanely delicious. Dangerously delicious. 

I'll be back soon, to show you how I turn this pastry cream into Bavarian Cream and how I make my version of Napoleon. 


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