Thursday, January 21, 2010

Announcements and a look inside my salad...

First, announcments.

I'm happy to announce that I was one of the Foodbuzz featured publisher's who won a pair of tickets to the International Wine Festival this Saturday in Los Angeles.

I am super excited and I could definitely use the break from my studies to go enjoy some good wine, great cheese and take a lot of pictures to come back share with you all!

Second, starting this Friday I will be starting a new weekly post called " 5-ingredient Friday". Like the alliteration there?  Stay posted for this week's posting.

Finally -- my salad.

A short while ago I posted about the Pace Salsa I received from the Tastemaker program available through Foodbuzz. Well, I put it to good use!  I simply mixed 1 part salsa with 1 part lite bleu cheese dressing and pourded it over romaine lettuce and sliced cucumbers. It tasted great and there was no guilt involved.... plus it looked pretty. See!
{ Warning... I sort of got Camera-happy}

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