Friday, January 15, 2010

Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats

You no longer have an excuse not to have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Sorry, no more processed junk, no more poptarts, croissants with nutella, no more bagel and creamcheese... step away from the fast food egg mcmuffin!

It is so easy to make healthy, pure, simple steel cut oats in your crockpot and just warm it up in the microwave every morning.

Simply put 4 cups of water for every 1 cup of steel cut oats in the crock pot, set it on low and it will be done in 3-4 hours.

This morning, I warmed my oats up, added a splash of organic milk, a drop of vanilla, a teaspoon of light brown sugar, a dollop of pumpkin butter and a spoon of almond butter.

My favorite part? THE ALMOND BUTTER

Wow. Just wow. When it warms and gets all liquidy on top of the oatmeal it tastes amazing and is the perfect combination. You have to try it. ASAP.

... and then tell me what you think :)


  1. I am salivating as I read this. And I LOVE oatmeal. Yup, just might have to have this tomorrow morning!

  2. that is making me so hungry, yum!

  3. How did you know that this is one of my favorites. I love oats and eat them regularly. Iheart, your blog presentation is exceptional. I felt like I was inside a magazine. Shall return back for a bite of more. Cheers, PT
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  4. Marina, this looks so amazing. I think I'm ready for breakfast! ;)

  5. This dish in the bowl is looking so delicious. It is perfect for breakfast.

  6. Ama-zing! Love it. Yum..almond and pumpkin butter...