Monday, August 16, 2010

New improvments

Since I recently moved to a new, better apartment i misplaced my camera cable - hence no pics uploaded to my computer and no blog posts. But since the move I have adopted the new habit of excersising in some shape/form daily (awesome right?)

Also, I bought a droid 2 today which means i can post from my phone ( i think-test run here) . Look for more posts on a regular basis . Better late than never???

Much love,

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  1. I think moving makes life so difficult...I'll look forward to pictures soon!

  2. Hi Marina. How are you liking the droid? I'm debating between Iphone and Droid. My fiance has Iphone and I like playing with it and all its apps, but I heard Droid is better with tasks. I love google and was told Droid is more suitable to Google than Iphone.

  3. Lea, ive only had the droid for a week so I won't give a final verdict yet. Though I love the google integration. I've heard iphone is coming to verizon in january ? So you could wait and play with both then decide. Also, there is a new droid coming out in novembecalled droid pro and its supposed to have an awesome proccesor which prolly means it will run better. That said, I don't know the specs on the verizon.iphone yet :p. Ill keep u posted