Monday, October 4, 2010

Sorry Guys and Gals

.... I was sick last week with the flu and now it seems I have a cold. Just when I got over one, another one popped up. Hopefully these will be my only colds/flus of the season. But, I have been tired, so cooking has taken the backburner. Instead I have been eating a lot of oranges.

I did receive the dried mushroom samples from Marx Foods and I am impatiently waiting to my energy so I can come up with and post a recipe using the amazing samples. They smell deliciously earthy.


  1. I'm sending healing thoughts your way! My sister got a bit sick last week too...I think the cold bug is starting to trickle around. Lovely picture of a great way to combat sickness...I'm all about citrus right now! Take care love, and I'll be excited to see your recipes!