Monday, December 21, 2009

Lunch Date with my Sister

My long awaited winter break has begun and it seems I have taken a slight hiatus from my computer and the blogging world.

There was a layered cake experiment yesterday... chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I think it was ok, but maybe too much frosting?  I think im going to alter the cake a bit -- use brownie batter instead, keep white chocolate cream cheese peppermint as the filling, but do a simle whipped cream to frost it with, and decorate with crushed peppermints. I'll probably bake this one up on Thursday for the Christmas Eve Dinner at my aunt's.  I am also planning on baking a few other items... cookies, but what kind? Gingerbread? Spice? Any ideas on other items I can make?

I'll be off tomorrow morning to do the remainder of the Christmas shopping and buy myself an electric hand held mixer because thus far I have been using a simple whisk--- and my arm gets tired (especially if the batter is really thick).

 I also made Palak Paneer yesterday and it was amazing. But I didnt make it at my house - hence no pictures  : (
It's ok, that just means I'll have to make it again sometime soon and post pictures and the recipe this time!

On another note, my sister and I decided to try out "FRIDA" at the Americana on Brand in Glendale. Not bad. Not amazing either. But the food was pretty, I can give them that much.  The tacos I got smelled amazing, like BBQ... but didnt really taste like it.  The refried beans were perfect. My sister got th Enchilada Suiza -- personally not a fan, but she loves it. She also indulged in a Strawberry Margarita -- they don't skimp on the alcohol. As my sister said, ":if you want a margarita done right, you have to go to a Mexican restaurant".

Here are the pics, enjoy:

The Tequila Laden Strawberry Margarita

Freshly made Tortilla Chips with two salsas

Simple Tomato Salsa, no crazy flavors, no crazy spices

Tomatillo Salsa, Light and Refreshing

The Enchilada Suiza (W/Chicken)

My Two Taco Combo Plate ( Each taco is made with a small corn tortilla - i prefer flour)

Notes: the dish does come with rice AND refried beans, but i requested to just have to spoons of beans instead 

Close up of the chicken taco 

Close up of the beef taco

C'est Tous! ( That's all)


  1. Sorry folks, I'm having some spacing issues toward the end of this post that I can't figure out how to fix

  2. YUmmmmmmmmmm that food looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy shopping (eek!)

  3. I used to work at The Americana, but for the residential side of things. I've had Frida a few times and their food is pretty good. I still prefer gritty Mexican food though. The taco truck kind and boy are you surrounded with it in LA! So jealous...

  4. mmmm cake with brownie batter and peppermint...sounds amazing!