Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday Night- Date Night

In the midst of law books and Pandora Radio, the pressure to "succeed"... to have your entire being graded by one 3-4 hour exam, my other half took me out to a Saturday date-night dinner. Indian of course :)

We always order the same thing everytime we go to Flavor of India in Burank , CA

The Vegetarian Thali : "Two vegetables of your choice... comes with dal, rice, raita, and naan"

Everything comes in one nice package. ( plus we had a coupon for $10 of our meal... that always helps in this economy of course)

He opted for the ginger beer, aloo gobi and aloo mattar - likes his cauliflower and potatoes. I on the other hand ordered the Saag Paneer, and the Makhni Paneer ( yes, yes I like the Paneer).

While we were waiting for our meals to come out we munched on this ( Papadams) with  pumpkin chutney:

While he raved about his dish throughout the meal, like we always do when we visit this quaint restaurant... I can vouch for my choices. The Makhni Paneer was rich and flavorful, seemingly melting in my mouth. It was the perfect sauce to dip my freshly baked naan into. The Saag Paneer was equally amazing full of rich spices, it will make anyone love spinach.

 I almost forgot to take a picture! By the time I took out the camera I had already eaten my Raita and a few bites of the rice and Makhni Paneer.  You can see the Kachumber ( cucumber tomato salad) hiding in the back and the daal soup to the right.  Both of those items went to the Fiance and half the rice, naan and all the Saag Paneer came home with me!

Thats all for now folks... I'd love to write more... but I slept 2 hours last night studying for this mornings finals..... and looks like a repeat production tonight :)


  1. I'm glad you had a fun date night in the midst of the stress and studying. I think I'm going try another indian food recipe tonight. I am bound and determined to like it dangit.

  2. mmm I love naan. I always order chicken tikka masala :)

  3. Since I just recently moved to NYC, I haven't made the discovery of great Indian restaurant. I think I need to seek it out this weekend because this post has me craving it!!! I used to live in Cerritos which is right next door to Little India. Oh how I miss it...