Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent : Day Two

Gotta be accountable somehow.  So I had one of my flourless chocolate cakes sitting at home and I can't eat it anymore. So what did I do? Took it to school of course.

There I sat, working on my law journal assignment all day, smelling the tempting odor of chocolate for a good 10 hours, meanwhile attempting to cajole my peers into devouring the chocolate abomination.

It is now 7:45 pm, and 3/4 of the cake is gone. My only hope is that the boys in Trademark Law will be seduced by the cake as others were and finish her off.

My goal: to go home with an empty plate and happy customers.

Daily Drinks:
Soy latte
Orange juice + soy protein "smoothie"

Daily Eats:
cashews and dried cranberries
two small honeycrip apples
Pasta w/ sundried tomato and herbs
mixed greens with balsamic vinegar

Observations: Smells are much more pungent, whether it is the loner smoking a cigarette outside of the building, the smell of my chocolate cake, or the wavering perfume on a class mate. Tastes too are much more vibrant -- when cafeteria food actually has variance in flavor you know something odd is going on. 

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