Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent : Days Three and Four

Day Three
I think I can get used to this vegan thing if I get to have smoothies like this every day.
I went to Vons today to get some soy milk and wouldn't you know my luck, Silk was on sale!! To make it even better they had a flavor I hadn't seen before, " Very vanilla".  ( photo courtesy of Silk website).

When I came home, I apprehensively took a sip of the very vanilla... and O . M. G.  -- heaven in a glass.

Then, inspired by the 80 degree weather I decided to make a smoothie.

1 orange, peeled
1/2 cup frozen berries
1/2-3/4 cup Silk - Very vanilla

Blend and enjoy :)


Daily Eats:
honeycrisp apple
Cashew Tofu w/ rice( side salad, side veggie soup) -- I was starving, but don't worry, I didn't eat all of it.
Red Rice with Green Beans

Daily Drinks:
Orange Berries and "Cream" Smoothie 

Observations: Wow, I am super thirsty , all the time. Has this happened to anyone after they changed their diet?

 I experimented.... made a Vegan carrot spice cake with a vegan chocolate frosting/glaze. I am kinda scared as to how it will taste, but it smells amazing. If it survives tasting by family tomorrow, I will post the recipe.

Day Four

Daily Eats:
small honeycrisp apple
trail mix of cashews, dried cranberries and almonds
Vegetarian Bento Box
Bruschetta with a bit of lavash

Daily Drinks:
Home Brewed Coffee w/ non dairy creamer 
Soy milk


  1. Oh the smoothie looks so yummy!

  2. I've never tried the Very Vanilla sounds absolutely delicious! :D

  3. What a wonderful color on that smoothie..delish!!


  4. Thanks for such a sweet compliment, I have never taken classes before, I wish- my pics are taken on my freezer while I either cook or wash clothes.. ha ha take care