Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mushroom Pancetta Risotto

After nearly two months of living in the library and staying away from the kitchen I finally had the opportunity to make my first post-bar exam meal...

Two simultaneous event occurred to prompt the above meal:

     1.   After three days of testings for nine hours a day, yours truly drove in traffic for nearly two hours to her parents house. Depleted, exhausted, depressed, and disappointed by the anticlimactic conclusion of the often darkly described exam I walked over the threshold and made a beeline straight for the piano. Granted, by the time I got home it was about 9:40 p.m.  and apparently my mother had decided it was time to call it a night.  " Oh no! Piano at this hour?!  Please, I just want to go to sleep."  The look on her face said it all, she was genuinely exhausted and knowing she, like myself, had difficulties falling asleep I took pity on her. "Ok" I responded, " Just two songs please, let me just play two songs, I NEED IT".  In a combined effort of understanding an compromise I was able to play a couple songs on the piano I had missed so much. She knew very well if allowed, those couple songs would have turned into a couple hours...

         The next day, still unaccepting of the fact that my summer of legal immersion had come to its conclusion, I set about to filling my day with long-ignored hobbies. Among these, a trip to the local library and of course dinner plans.  " I'll take care of dinner today mom, just let me know what you want, and consider it done."  Excitedly my youngest sister interrupts with " Risotto please please! Make us some risotto!" 

         2.   A simple Facebook request. I announced the impending return of my food blog ( optimistic thinking here)  and asked if anyone had specific requests. Much to my delight, my best friend from elementary school made a request for my risotto!  Granted, this post won't have the recipe because I believe risotto requires step-by-step pictures to get the full impact of the process. But, she has been promised a private lesson as soon as I hop on a plane to the East Coast ;)

Two requests for risotto from two valued members of my life was enough to make the decision for me :)

One last exam this coming Friday and academic freedom will hopefully be mine. Life will move onto new(and old) goals  of health/fitness, piano, reading books for pleasure, writing and of course blogging.



  1. Glad to have you back. I hope you passed the bar.

  2. Pancetta and risotto sounds perfect.

  3. It must be so nice to be done with the bar! This looks like the perfect celebration meal. =)

  4. congrats on finishing your exam! looks delicious

  5. This looks GOOD! Maybe you should take the Bar more often LOL! Looking forward to you making it for your aunt. Lots of Love!

  6. Smile. Congrats on all your hard work. You deserve something like this risotto. And I'm sure your mom loved it. Thank you for sharing another delightful eat. I hope you had a great Tuesday. I'm looking forward to an evening of good food and baking. Take care and much love.