Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Try a different perspective

Life may not be progressing as you had planned, but it doesn't mean things are " just awful" or that you are "having a bad day". 

Just yesterday I went to the gym for my weekly session with my personal trainer. ( When I signed up for the gym, I took advantage of a promotion and purchased six sessions with a trainer) As I was warming up on the treadmill I saw My  trainer walk up to some other  girl, smile, and proceed to sign her in to a training session. 

"Maybe he's just helping her out on the computer for another trainer", I thought to myself. 

"We've been training on Monday mornings regularly now, plus I got sick last week during the session and we agreed I should come an hour later so I can actually eat a breakfast before I come in, he can't have double booked me, right?" 


Off they went into the masses of men and women sweating their hearts out in the weight room. 

Initially, my reaction as to think " Wow, really? But I planned my week according to this. I was gonna have an insane session today, then take tuesday off to go dress shopping for my friend's wedding because I'd be too sore to workout anyways."

But, shortly after verifying that he had in fact double booked the session and leaving a message for him to give me a call, I changed my perspective.

"Ok then... I'm at the gym, in this area of town, how am I going to best use my time."

I decided to check out the schedule of classes for the day and wouldn't you know, yoga was scheduled to begin in 45 minutes!  I hadn't practiced yoga in at least a year and I knew my body needed it. 

One catch. I needed a yoga mat, and I had thrown out my old one after using it in an outdoor bootcamp class.  On second thought, I'm glad I don't have a yoga mat because it gives me something to do until the class starts.

So, in that 45 minute gap, I found the closest store which sold yoga mats and bought myself a brand new one. Having plenty of time left before class, I then let myself wander into another store, walked straight to their sale rack and bought myself some new workout clothes.

Long story short:

My botched training session turned into a super productive morning where much needed workout attire was purchased and my yoga practice was given a much needed awakening.  I like to think of such situations as God's way of reminding me ( nudging me) to take care of myself and remain open to new and various options instead of limiting myself to tunnel vision. Ie: Keeping my eye on one goal and only seeing one way to get there. 

In food news :

Barbecued Golden Potato
I've continued to enjoy my vegetables like a good girl :)

Grilled Onion

I've been experimenting with some new recipes, but they havn't reached the level of perfection I require before I share a recipe with you.

Experiment #1:  A pasta sauce made with butternut squash, tomato, tomato sauce, wine wine, onion, garlic and nutritional yeast.   I loved it, but would like to try it with more layers of flavor.

Experiment #2:  Bulgur with tomato, cinnamon, onion and other spices. Though my youngest sister liked it, I personally think I overdid it on the tomatoes. Somethings just taste better when they are kept simple and pure. 

Finally, I've exploring vegan desserts again. Case in point -- Green Tea Ice Cream with Coconut Milk

Though I love coconut and I love matcha green tea -- these two are not a compatible match in my book. I'm guessing the best matches are going to be coconut with chocolate, nuts and coffee .... 

What do you think?


  1. I'll be curious to give this a try! I love coconut so much...I think it must go with everything! And I really love your attitude! You really turned your morning to your advantage! Good for you! : )

  2. Everything looks delicious - I LOVE the grilled vegetables! Good for you for making the best of your work out time! I hope the Yoga class was great.

  3. Way to go with the flow and make great use of your morning.

  4. Aw you didnt think that coconut and green tea matched? Hmm I was getting really excited cause I thought it sounded great! I havent been to yoga in forever- such the slacker!