Saturday, October 22, 2011

Juice Feast: Day Five , morning

So, today marks the fifth day of my juice feast.  I'm not posting many pictures because it seems redundant to post platters/bowls of fruits and vegetables.

This morning I weighed in and another pound is gone which brings my weight loss to 5.6 lbs in 4 days of juicing.

I have to say the best part is slipping into that outfit that has been haunting me for a while, buttoning that jacket that used to refuse to button. The simple things can make a girl so happy.

I made the observation  yesterday that it is kind of like having a gastric bypass surgery without the mess, cutting, insurance and complications. I actually had trouble drinking my entire " dinner" juice yesterday because my stomach felt too full? Full on juice?? I'm loving it LOL

I also went out last night -- strolled through a food court, walked into a cupcake bakery as my friend purchased some goodies for herself, and sat through an entire movie without once craving a bite of anything.

I should be tired, right? But i'm not. So far, this is an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to see how long it will last and where it will take me.

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