Monday, March 1, 2010

I swear...

... one day I will adopt a completely healthy lifestyle - balance, organic foods; exercise; happiness. Its a journey comprised of a long road with u-turns, detours, obstacles and mountains but I see a rainbow somewhere in there, and thats a good sign.

I'm recommitting myself as of tomorrow (March 1st) to live and be healthier. It seems to take so much active willpower and concentration to be healthy when you havnt consciously thought about it the majority of your life. Sure I've been on my share of diets, but we all know how that works. Weight goes down, then comes up. Why cant it be like the saying " what goes up must come down" instead?

Anyhow, look for a review of Amazing Grass in the coming week as well as a giveaway!  I know you are excited.


  1. You can do it! :D Try setting mini-goals for yourself each week. Ones that are achievable that you know you can conquer. I try doing this with all different areas in my life. Small, achievable goals are the ones that stick! :D

  2. Hey start small and you will see how easier it gets..I myself need to kick it up also..I am horrible with my workout...YOU CAN DO IT!!