Friday, March 26, 2010

Purely Decadent

Have you tried this yet?  I read about it on some vegan blogs, but never really got around to trying it. Mostly I was deterred by the $4 price tag. But then I realized (duh moment) that I pay more than $4 just for 1 serving of Pinkberry, and this has 4 servings!!  Plus, I have been on a search for new foods lately.

For example, I have never eaten fish before -- cooked or raw and i tried a piece of my friends spicy tuna roll.  It definitely wasn't fishy, but the texture was not fun for my palate -- too soft, too much mayo, too mushy.

Back to the coconut milk "ice cream" -- it was amazingly light and refreshing. The best part is that it has less calories than "premium ice cream" and it has 6 grams of fiber per serving. If you havnt tried it, you should. I tried the coconut flavor, but I'm sure the others are just as great and I will get around to it sometime soon. 

Whats your favorite flavor?

I still havnt cooked since Sunday. It has been amazing to have homecooked meals every night without scrounging around last minute. Actually, there is still some left in the fridge!  Though, last night was a day off. I have class in Century City till 8 pm so I usually just grab an early dinner at the Westfield Mall with Esther before class and the hubby had dinner at his Aunt's.

I totally not food related subject: guppies. Does anyone else have an aquarium? I'm trying to figure out how to keep them alive for longer than a month. The females seem to not like my aquarium and give up in a couple of weeks :(    The guy at PETCO told me that the males stress out the females so I should try to have more females than males -- trying that as of today. Lets see if it works. 

P.S. Dont forget to enter the Racconto giveaway. [To those who already have, thanks for participating :) ]


  1. I love coconut. That looks yummy. I'll definitely have to look around for that =)

  2. Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream is the best! I've tried four or five different flavors and they're all incredible. I really like the Turtle Trails flavor a lot.

  3. i HAVE NOT tried it because it is like 5 dollarsand a quarter! Crazy!

  4. 6 grams of fiber woow.....I love coconut milk..will try to find


  5. I love this ice cream. It's kind of pricey, but I just wait for it to go on sale...or splurge from time to time. We're vegan and I'm fine with some of the vegan ice creams out there, but this one is just heavenly. My favorites are the coconut, chocolate and vanilla. I tried the chocolate peanut butter, but that was a little too rich for my taste. I haven't tried the turtle trails mentioned above. That's going to go on my list!