Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm back -- finally.

Hi all.  Sorry for the absence. The family emergency has been an emotional roller coaster ride and a very wierd journey. It's not over just yet, but mitigated enough for me to come back to the blog. To top things off, while I was driving to class on Thursday, an individual decided to make a right turn from the middle lane, hitting my car in the drivers seat door.... right where I was sitting. This then caused my car to spin out a good half block, with my car stopping facing east in the westbound lane.  Thank God I didn't hit any other cars while spinning out.

Anyhow, I am planning a trip to the grocery store today once I get a rental car and I will be back to actively posting on the blog.  Additionally, I will be hosting a giveaway from Racconto later this week as well as a review of their products.  They were kind enough to send me samples a couple weeks ago right when the disasters began to happen for our family - and as a family oriented company were understanding about the delay.

I look forward to sampling their amazing and unique products ( I will post pictures soon) and give you details of the giveaway. I think you will be very excited about this one!

Also, I think I understand why I didnt get to many people participating in my Amazing Grass giveaway earlier, as I myself tried the products and had my peers (both young and old) sample them, I did not get a very good response.

It appears Amazing Grass is a very demographic specific product - -either you love it or hate it. Unfortunately, all the individuals who tried the samples did not like the product at all. For example, I had my little cousins ( ages 5-11) try the kidz chocolate powder and told them it was chocolate milk. That did not confuse them at all! They all made a face and commented that it tasted like a weird tea with "extra stuff" in it. They all made a face and refused to drink any more of it. Even their parents sampled it and voted against the product. 

I had a similar reaction when I had my peers try the bars and powders. They all agreed that it had a slight alcoholic flavor and wasnt a product they would go out and buy for themselves. One individual pointed out that the protein and fiber content of the bars was the "Bare minimum" and they could get more value and taste out of other bars.

Nevertheless, my only conclusion out of this experience is that Amazing Grass appeals to these who already have a very healthy lifestyle and diet. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any diligent healthy individuals like I have found on the blog world, but I am sure they would love it.

I'm off to rent a car now, be back soon!!

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  1. oh my glad you are okay...glad you are gonna stasrt blogging again..can't wait to see what ya make..